Festival of Solutions

Since March 2017 we have been running annual events to bring together residents to discuss community-led solutions to local problems.

March 2017 - Festival of Solutions inaugral event
At this event we published the findings of our Wellbeing Research and invited residents to join workshops around the main emerging themes: connectivity, environment, services, livelihoods and emotions. Groups came up with ideas for community-led solutions to issues raised in the research. Up Our Street has supported the development of two strands of work - a Green Space Network and inclusion and integration activities as part of our Bristol Vision and Values project.

February 2018 - Festival of Solutions - Being Bristolian
At this event we explored the theme of identify and belonging in our ever changing neighbourhood. We premiered the excellent film by Black South West Network #ThereIsBlackInTheUnionJack (watch it here) followed by facilitiated table discussions about belonging and identity in Easton and Lawrence Hill. This event was to look more deeply around issues of connectivity as identified in our Wellbeing Report.

March 2018 - Festival of Solutions - Making Places
At this event we explored the importance of place and the environment around us. We hosted focused workshops on billboards, Tidy BS5, Lawrence Hill roundabout and how we as citizens can shape the space around us.
This event was to look more deeply around issues of environment as identified in our Wellbeing Report.

May-August 2018 - Festival of Solutions - Seed Fund 
This year we invited groups to pitch us their ideas for small scale community action which could make a difference. We received 12 applications and three went forward to our free Design Lab workshop by Community Co-Lab. Residents on Camelford Road, Bloy Street and Church Road will be starting exciting community-led projects on their road this summer and we will report back in our bulletin and magazine.