We Are Bristol

Up Our Street is working with In Between Times, Knowle West Media Centre and Ambition Lawrence Weston on an exciting arts project.

We Are Bristol will work with leading UK and national live artists to think about issue the communities face and produce a programme of city-wide debates to reach inter/national audiences.

The launch event in July 2018 featured THE DEMOCRATIC SET, a residency model that seeks to explore the belief that all people are, in principle, equal and should enjoy social, political and economic rights and opportunities.

In form, THE DEMOCRATIC SET is an empty room constructed for the purpose of the project. Acting as a visual soapbox, the physical SET is designed to be an egalitarian space, in which contributing artists and audience are able to project their own understanding of the principles that underpin democracy.

Performances created will ambitiously seek to be, both in form and content, unrestricted and uncensored explorations of the grand ideals of equality and freedom. Community members create video portraitures – solos, duets and group performances - that reflect the thematic.

Residencies generally span five days and can involve members of the public, local artists with and without disabilities working in theatre, dance, sound, music, the visual arts and film.

This project is funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Bristol City Council Imagination Fund.