Writes of passage

Post date 29 October 2019

Families living in our neighbourhood can sometimes find it hard to get out of the city and out into nature. So we decided to run some outings with local writer Zakiya McKenzie. Zakiya is one of the two authors selected by Forestry England to write stories inspired by forests and through her work as a Green and Black ambassador she is always looking for ways to encourage children and teenagers to fall in love with nature.

During our first outing we took a train to Bradford on Avon. We had a picnic by the river, walked along the canals and played in the forest. The children used a camera to have close look at the nature around them and in the forest Zakiya introduced them to Anansi a clever spider from West African and Caribbean folk tales. With his help we all had a go at creating a story together.

Our second trip to Feed Bristol the Avon and Wildlife Trust site in Frenchay featured picking apples and making our very own apple juice. We visited food growing tunnels and admired an impressive collection of pumpkins and squashes but also run and played outdoors and wrote short poems inspired by our outdoors adventures.