What does wellbeing mean to you?

Post date 9 November 2016

Kuba Jablonowski, Research Manager at Up Our Street tells us all about the new Wellbeing Survey for Easton and Lawrence Hill. This is your chance to give us the real picture about health and wellbeing in our neighbourhood...

The Up Our Street research team: Jasmine, Nura, Zakiya, Ejaz and I have been working tirelessly since August. We have been out and about on the streets of Easton and Lawrence Hill talking to residents and finding out what wellbeing means to this neighbourhood.  So far we have interviewed over 120 local residents and have used this information to design the Up Our Street Wellbeing Survey.

By working in this collaborative way to design the survey, we hope to more accurately reflect the concerns of residents than more traditionally designed research. We are also looking at wellbeing in the widest sense, so there are questions in there about all the different aspects that affect wellbeing. So as well as questions about access to health services, there are questions about green spaces, transport and local policing. This is all based on the conversations we’ve been having with local residents.

The team is now out knocking on doors in the area to encourage everyone to take part in the survey. It has forty questions and usually takes 15 minutes to complete. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a draw to win a £50 cash prize. Please make sure you give us an up to date email address to be entered into the draw.

If you need some help with the survey please email me at research@eastonandlawrencehill.org.uk or text on 07903 947 913. One of our researchers can come to help you out and ensure your voice is heard! We can speak to you in Urdu, Punjabi, Somali, West Indian Creole/Patois, and Polish.

If you don’t get chance to speak to one of our researchers, you can fill in the survey online here: Easton and Lawrence Wellbeing Survey