A visitor from Italy

Post date 19 June 2018

Sara Torresani is a 17 year old student from Italy, visiting Bristol as part of the ERASMUS+ programme. She has been working in the Up Our Street office for the past two days, we asked her to write about her experience:

"I spent two days at Up Our Street and I enjoyed every minute with the staff; my tutor for this experience was Tamsin Harcourt, a very nice person that helped me in the work to be carried out and who has always been with me during the two days.

The first day I met the team that received me as a real member of the community magazine, after that I started my real job of the day: the preparation to the radio show in which I learned about editing audio with Tamsin and I chose the perfect songs to put in the radio show. Before the broadcast I prepared a post for Facebook and Twitter that concerned the DEMOCRATIC SET which is a rapid series of short live performances and screen-based planned for July with Australia’s world-renowned Back to Back Theatre. In the radio show I had the opportunity to talk about my experience in Bristol and I enjoyed it.

In the second day Tamsin taught me how to use Publisher which is a Microsoft Office program and I used it to design a flyer for Up Our Street to get other people to join this community organisation; before lunch Tamsin and I went to the neighbourhood near the park where the democratic set will take place to deliver flyers for Community Space and for THE DEMOCRATIC SET. In the afternoon we went to Redding Road for a ‘Planting event’ where I could take pictures of the organizers and helping them to plant little trees and flowers. After that we came back to the office to save photos shot to system.

In the end I can say that my experience at Up Our Street, although short, was really nice, interesting, absolutely constructive and I would recommend it to all those who want to learn new things ranging from people's lives to technology."