Summer outings with Up Our Street

Post date 10 September 2019

This summer Up Our Street teamed up for a second time with the Rosemary Nursery School in St Judes to provide train trips for children and parents. Pat accompanied staff and families on the trip to Avoncliff and Leila went along to Bath.

Our Community Engagement Officer Pat picks up the story:

“Excitement was in the air as we gathered at Temple Meads station to catch a train to Avoncliff, one day in late August. The plan was to get off the train at this small and picturesque station and walk along the canal to Bradford on Avon. We would then have a picnic by the river, spend some time at the playground and visit a spectacular fourteenth century monastic stone barn. Not all families have the chance to get out of town into greenery despite Bristol being surrounded by a beautiful walking corridors. It was a perfect day to do just that.

After we got off the train were surprised to see that the canal we were to follow was actually on the bridge while the river was shimmering down below. The walk was full of adventures: we chatted to narrowboat residents on the way, played with ducks and dogs and even spotted a grey heron resting on the opposite bank. Half way through children spotted hidden play area in the forest with ropes and swings attached to the trees and we stopped for an improvised play session. It got really sunny by the time we arrived in Bradford on Avon and everyone was hungry by now. Luckily parents had brought picnic supplies and the play soon resumed.

In early September 16 adults and children from Rosemary Nursery School took the train to Oldfield Park with Leila, our St Judes Place Maker. An enormous park and play area, Moorfield Sandpits is just a ten minute walk from the train station. It was the biggest park most of the group had ever seen, with so much play equipment!

All of the children managed to fit on an extra-long rope slide where they spent quite a long time. They also played football, went on a bouncy castle, and a carousel (adults and children!) They all ate their packed lunches together, and then fed the ducks in the afternoon at the pools and wooden areas beyond the park. They picked hazelnuts and blackberries on their way back to the train station, and went home eager to return again.”

The families really enjoyed the outings, and Up Our Street would like to say a big thank you to Severnside Community Rail Partnership for providing free train tickets. You can learn more about their work here: