Small grants make a big difference

Post date 8 February 2018

Would a small grant make a big difference in your community? Up Our Street has a small grant fund which is open to residents in Barton Hill, Newtown, The Dings, and some parts of Redfield and Lawrence Hill. It is also open to local community organisations to run projects which mainly benefit residents in this area.

The grant is called the Endowment Fund because each year we only spend the interest earned on the capital investment. This means that the fund will be available for many years to come, a lasting ‘endowment’ to the community.

Who can apply?
The Endowment Fund is open to all residents who live in the area marked on the map on the Endowment Fund page. It is also open to community organisations who run projects that benefit residents in this area.

What can the fund pay for?
Residents can apply for up to £300 to pay for things like training courses or equipment to help start a business. If you are aged 17 to 19 you can apply for help with driving lessons. Groups can apply for up to £1,000 to fund a range of activities that benefit residents in the Endowment Fund area.

In 2017 Up Our Street awarded a total of £9,922 in small grants. This was made up of £1,950 to individuals and £7,972 to community organisations, including:

Barton Hill Boxing Club
Bristol Horn Youth Concern
Carole’s over 50s Bingo Club
Dadcast WTMD
Easton Community Children’s Centre
Friends of Hannah More Primary School
Learning Partnership West Girls’ Group
The Lamplighters
Unique Voice CIC

Don’t forget!
The deadline for completed application is 11am on Monday 30 April. The panel will meet on 15 May and you will find out whether you have been successful by 31 May at the latest. Download the forms now or contact Tracy at Up Our Street on 0117 954 2834 if you'd like to talk to someone before you make your application.