Show Stapes Some Love

Post date 16 August 2018

The sun shone on our team of litter pickers this morning as we collected around 20 bags of rubbish from Rawnsley Park, Clifton Place and Stapleton Road. It was lovely to see the side streets looking very clean and tidy so we focused our energies on the parks which have been very busy during this warm weather.

Community activist, Khalil Abdi, a familiar sight on Stapleton Road, asked us to help him coordinate the litter pick and promote the campaign to Show Stapes Some Love. The campaign includes new information leaflets for residents on waste collection, a social media campaign and the Good Garden Award.

We were joined by residents, Easton's police team, council officers and staff from Easton Leisure Centre who also gave a free voucher to use the centre to all volunteers. Bristol Waste helped out with providing the equipment and collecting all the bags at the end.

Khalil will be out and about talking to businesses and residents through the summer to keep up the campaign to build pride in the area and respect for public space by ending littering and fly tipping.

The project has been funded by Bristol City Council's Stapleton Road WRAP litter project.

Show Stapes Some Love was designed by local designer Lisa Cole who has volunteered her time and provided discounted design work. Visit her website here