Secondary school shortfall

Post date 12 February 2020

A group of local parents have come together to form BS5 Secondary Education Forum. The group held a meeting in February about the shortfall in secondary school places expected in East Bristol from September 2021.

Parents, councillors and developers came together to discuss the issue. A new school is proposed to be built in St Philips, but the Oasis Academy is part of a larger development and parents are concerned that the school will not be open in time. Planning permission for the wider development, which includes, homes, student accommodation, retail and leisure facilities was rejected on first application.

BS5 Secondary Education Forum are concerned because:  “The Temple Quarter School is the only real way to properly meet the significant shortfall of places in East Bristol, if it doesn’t open there isn’t currently any real contingency.” Councillor Anna Keen said she wanted to be “absolutely honest” with parents: “The advice I have had from some very experienced planners and from our education team at the council is that... the best-case scenario would be [full construction by] September 2023.” There is some hope that a temporary school will bridge the gap but this is subject to planning permission and sign off from the Department of Education. Cllr Keen couldn’t make any promises.

If you want to join the campaign and keep up to date with developments join the BS5 Secondary Forum Facebook page.

Photos by Evoke Pictures Lifestyle