Painting on the Path

Post date 18 August 2016

Summer has certainly been a fruitful time for community murals, with two large projects taking place in our neighbourhoods. Up Our Street spoke to Robyn Boden, a local artist who lives in Easton, about a community mural on the railway path.

The railway path mural was funded by Sustrans and TravelWest, who commissioned Robyn to carry out the work. We talked about how the project came together. “The brief was really to give a positive identity to the area, and to celebrate the diversity of the community.” Robyn worked with pupils from City Academy and Whitehall Primary, who were involved at all stages from first designs to the final painting on the bridge.

“The themes really came out of the school workshops, I suggested some and then they developed. So we have the changing seasons and the cityscape mixed with the wildlife in the area. City Academy were really supportive, and students spent two full days painting. I was very impressed by the students’ work, they were really taking pride in it.”

As the mural is right on the railway path, there was plenty of conversation with people passing by while painting was underway. “We had a really positive response from people. People stopped to chat and ask questions. We even had people saying thank you for doing it, which was lovely.”

There will be an official launch event for the mural in September, when the new name for the bridge will also be unveiled. So watch this space...