Next stop Stapleton Road

Post date 6 March 2019

Anyone travelling near Stapleton Road train station since the beginning of this year will know there have been major works being undertaken by Network Rail. The work is all leading up to upgrading the route from two tracks to four. So far the viaduct near St Marks Road has been removed ready for a new bridge that will be suitable for four tracks. During this work there has been significant disruption to Stapleton Road station, with confusing signage and very steep access points.

The latest news is that this will continue until April 2019 in order to finish upgrades. This includes some improvement to access but it will still be quite steep at some points. We would like to invite you to join Up Our Street, Councillors and Severnside Community Rail Partnership to be part of plans to improve and upgrade Stapleton Road train station when Network Rail hands back the site. The community has £200,000 to spend on the station to improve routes to the platforms and the physical environment around the site. We want this to be a gateway to our neighbourhood and an inviting place to stop to visit our wonderful shops and high streets. We want this to feel owned by the people who live or work by the station or use it regularly.

Stapleton Road Train Station stakeholders meeting:
Thursday 21 March, 3.30pm to 5pm, Easton Community Centre.

A bit of history...
In March 2018, our local Councillors approved £200,000 of funding through the council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to carry out community-led improvements to the station. This was following suggestions from local people who attended our Festival of Solutions and Community Space meetings. The project will be led by Severnside Community Rail Partnership and will see improvements to routes to the platforms, benches, planting and making the station a more welcoming place as a gateway to our neighbourhood and the shopping streets of Stapleton Road and St Mark’s Road. This work will begin after April once Network Rail have finished and we will be supporting Severnside Community Rail Partnership to ensure local people who use or live near the station can be involved.  The Severnside Community Rail Partnership, Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority have also included Stapleton Road in nominations for stations to receive funding from the Department for Transport's Access for All scheme.  If the nominations are successful the additional scheme will further improvements to ensure access across the whole station, including reaching the new island platform, is as easy as possible for everyone.

To find out more, please join us on 21 March, or get in touch with Up Our Street on 0117 954 2834 or