Neighbourhood Love

Post date 7 June 2019

Pat, Up Our Street's Community Engagement Officer, spent last Saturday evening at a very special event, here she is to tell us more... "Hawo, one of Wills Drive residents contacted Up Our Street to get support with organising a community Iftar outside her block. Iftar is an evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset and it is a great way to bring a community together. In Easton we have a growing tradition of such celebrations with Grand Iftar at St Marks Road now firmly established as a yearly event.

We have been working with the residents of Twinnell House and Wills Drive for a number of years so we were happy to help with their event. We helped print some leaflets and all the neighbours were invited. We borrowed a couple of carpets from St Marks Iftar and residents agreed to bring their own ones to share as well.

Hawo, Fadumo and other women from the blocks prepared an amazing feast for all. On this particular Saturday, Iftar was to begin at 9:21pm and when around 9pm we started putting everything on the four tables we borrowed from the community room, we realised that we were not able to fit even half of the food prepared! All the chairs then had to be repurposed as additional small tables and every bit of space was taken up by the trays, hot dishes, flasks and bowls.

We prepared 100 plates but towards the end even that wasn’t enough and some residents had to run home and bring their own plate.

It was fun and a real privilege to be part of this event. Hopefully some new connections were forged between residents during this special evening. And I hope that the amazing hospitality of the women who worked for days to prepare a meal for all the neighbours will be long remembered in the block and that it will make everyone who took part appreciate the community they are part of some more."