Life after Neighbourhood Partnerships

Post date 8 June 2017

Over the past few years Up Our Street has supported Bristol City Council by organising Neighbourhood Forums where residents come together with Councillors and council officers to talk about local issues and hear about important information affecting our neighbourhood. As part of the budget savings the council needs to make, it is no longer funding the Neighbourhood Partnership and forums and over the past few months there have been lots of conversations about what that means for local people.

From April to September, we will be helping Councillors to talk to local people. There are lots of important changes happening in our city and it is the job of Up Our Street to help you have a voice in those changes.

Community meetings
We will be organising another ‘forum’ meeting for you to talk about any issues of concern and also how you would like to find out about local news in the future. Councillors will be organising this with us but the agenda is also open for you. We can confirm that this meeting will be held on 10 July, 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Baggator. Contact for more information.

Working together
We have been working with other organisations to create an informal ‘inner city network’ of voluntary sector and other organisations who are based here and have a commitment to improving the neighbourhood. It’s early days yet but we hope this will help us provide a better offer for people but also use what money and people we have in the best way possible.

Spending money where it’s needed
When new developments get built in our city, the developers have to pay a contribution to the council to pay back into the city. The idea is that this money helps improve services and infrastructure that might come under strain from a new development. However, there are lots of other ideas and ways that this money can be used and with the rapid growth of our city, there is quite a bit of cash on the table. Up until now, the Neighbourhood Partnership has been able to decide how 15% of the money in its area is spent and the council keeps 85% to spend on other projects. All that is under review and we have been working with residents and experts on planning to lobby for change.

We love our parks and green spaces!
One thing our community research told us loud and clear was that our green spaces are very valuable to us. The council is consulting on the future of all its parks as the budget cuts mean it can no longer maintain them all. Join our fight to protect and look after our precious parks. We are holding another community meeting on 19 July, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, venue to be confirmed. Contact Pat on

Bristol City Council has prepared a document called 'Building strong communities where we live' which sets out how they plan to support communities over the next year. You can download a PDF copy here: