Lads club radio takeover

Post date 22 November 2017

An important part of our work at Up Our Street is to involve the community in making decisions about where they live. But what happens when a group of people are absent from these decisions? Celia, Community Engagement Officer at Up Our Street, talks about her recent experience of working with young people in Barton Hill.

"Young people may not be interested in community meetings and workshops, but we were keen to understand what they thought about where they lived. That’s why I spent some time with the ‘lads club’, run by Learning Partnership West (LPW) at Barton Hill Settlement. The group of young people worked on a radio show with the theme ‘Where I live’. I wanted to hand over the reins to the group, who decided the topics, chose the music, interviewed people, got involved with editing AND presented the show (with a little help from Harriet at BCFM!).

I was really taken with how much positivity they had for their community, and they were really interested to know how other people felt about the issues they see as important, such as parks and green spaces, sport and of course, young people’s services.

They really championed the work that LPW do in the area, and one of the features on the show explores what might happen if there are less young people’s services when the young people’s services budget is reduced next year. It was striking that when they went to speak to residents about these issues, hardly anyone knew about the budget cuts.

We hope this show is the start of Up Our Street working more with young people in the community."

If you want to know more about what young people in Barton Hill feel about where they live, you can listen again to the show on – find the ‘Community Access’ show aired at 2pm on Monday 20 November.

Special thanks to Luis and the team at LPW, and to Harriet at BCFM for their help. If you have an idea for a radio feature about Easton and Lawrence Hill contact