Frome Gateway - where's that?

Post date 29 November 2019

On Thursday 28 November St Judes Place Maker Leila attended a walk and meeting led by Bristol City Council around the River Frome in St Judes. The council are in the early stages of considering how they can improve the area, which they're calling ‘The Frome Gateway’. This area has been identified for regeneration over the next five to ten years. 

Leila says "20 stakeholders from various local groups and organisations talked about what they like about the area, and ways in which they feel it could be improved. We worked in groups to brainstorm our thoughts by putting post it notes onto a map of the area. Some common themes which came up were protecting the river and green space and making them more of a feature, ensuring there is a mixture of housing and spaces that the local community can use, generating jobs for local residents, improving safety and lighting in the area, and ensuring that residents are involved in the planning process."

The council have assured residents that there will be ongoing discussions about the plans, so keep an eye on Up Our Street magazine and our social media for more updates.