First Councillor Community Space

Post date 17 October 2017

Thanks to the 41 residents who came to the first Community Space hosted by your local Councillors and supported by Up Our Street and Felix Road Adventure Playground who provided delicious food and meeting space. Residents were invited to discuss priorities for the neighbourhood and came up with the list below.
Next Councillors are hoping to set up a new community partnership which will help them make informed decisions about the area and how money is spent locally. You can contact Up Our Street or your Councillors if you are keen to be part of this.

Important note: There was some discussion about Easton Safer Streets at the meeting and a request for a community meeting. Plans have sadly reached a deadlock as it is proving difficult to find a compromise that works. Councillors and council officers are seeking to meet stakeholder groups to try and move things forward.

Priorities raised on 10 October 2017

People living in vans in Greenbank – is it a lifestyle choice or because of the housing crisis?

Easton Safer Streets – road closures, Rosemary Lane blocked off. Can we see traffic surveys and evidence to back up the decisions? Keep traffic flowing – THIS IS A BIG ISSUE

Chocolate Factory – how much affordable housing? Can we apply pressure?

Bristol to Bath Railway Path – how do we keep its leisure amenity for local people – it’s not a commuter route.

Litter and street cleanliness.

Supporting local businesses/employment/trade.

Dialogue between generations.

Rubbish and black bags on streets – rats and dog poo.

No road closures – High Street.

Removing graffiti (tagging).

Fly tipping.

More exercising equipment in parks.

Bike hangers (replacing planters).

Impact of Universal Credit and removal of council tax benefits.

Private sector rent cap.

Affordable housing – BCC to enforce own policy in planning schemes (30% on housing).

More facilities for homeless.

Pitches for caravans.

Local museum.

Review residents’ parking – extend existing RPZ to weekend.

Locally run car park under M32 – near Tesco.

Family support.

Activities for children – youth around 13 years old, where do they go?

Youth centres – do exist but are they accessible? Need to be updated for today’s kids (local, safety).

Engagement – kids on streets, listen to them, need a programme of family education, positive male role models, support people who want to support young people.


Mental health

Hiring affordable spaces for youth, city very expensive, sports facilities

Parks – ASB and problems