Felix Road Adventure Playground

Post date 20 February 2020


Felix Road Adventure Playground is a unique space dedicated to children's play, family time and community togetherness. The playground has an open access policy - this means children are free to come and go as they choose. Children can decide what they do and with whom, they are encouraged to control their own play. The play space offers children the freedom to grow, explore, be creative, experiment, be wild and crazy, take measured risks, play with uncertainty.......and enjoy a healthy happy childhood.

Adventure playgrounds were set up in the 70’s to give children in inner city areas space to connect with nature and have the freedom for outside physical play. Felix Road believes in the value of child-led, open access free play.

Enjoy this inspirational film. It'll make you want to be a kid again!

Felix Road - A place of possibility from Gary Thomas on Vimeo.

Building a bright future for our playground

A message from Mandy, Chair at Felix Road
"Over a year ago Felix Road invited Raised in Bristol, a not-for-profit social enterprise with a successful nursery at Easton Community Centre, to explore the possibility of building a brand-new nursery at Felix Road. The new nursery will not only provide much needed high-quality childcare for local working families but the profit from the nursery will help Felix Road sustain its existing adventure playground and future services for children and young people. With cuts to public services in the last 10 years the management committee has found a way to make the playground financially independent. We would like to reassure everyone who currently uses Felix Road that the adventure playground will continue to be a free open access play space for everyone. This is a really positive partnership on the historic site which we believe will have long-term benefits for the community.

We would like to thank all our partners, supporters, funders and most of all you the local community who have stood by us and made this exciting new chapter in Felix Road’s long history a possibility."

What are we building at Felix Road?
We are building a brand new nursery for local families. It will provide high quality childcare for working parents and a nurturing environment for young children.
Why is part of the playground being used for this nursery?
The nursery will help safeguard this much loved community space for the future and ensure it can remain free for local children and families and give us the capasity to develope new services for the whole community. This is a positive step for the playground and secures it’s future.
Who owns the building?
Felix Road have raised the funds to build the nursery and will own the nursery building. We will rent it to Raised in Bristol who will run the nursery. Felix Road has a 30 year lease on the land from the council.
Who will run the nursery?
Felix Road invited Raised in Bristol (RiB), a not-for-profit social enterprise to run the nursery. They have successful nurseries at Easton Community Centre and Full Circle Youth Centre in St Pauls. RiB will pay rent but are also committed to sharing a percentage of their profits with the playground. This means money spent in the community, by the community will stay in the community.
When will the nursery open?
Building work began in February 2020 and is planned to be finished by May with the nursery set to open in June 2020.

For questions about admissions, registration, prices and government-funded hours contact Raised in Bristol via their website or email admissions@raisedinbristol.org.uk
Open Days at Felix Road on Saturday 21 March 10am to 12pm, Saturday 25 April 10am to 12pm or Saturday 16 May 10am to 12pm.