Digging deeper into Wellbeing Report data

Post date 9 August 2018

Up Our Street Intern Michaela Freire shares what she has been working on with us this summer: "I came to Up Our Street as part of the Q-Step internship scheme from the University of Bristol. During my time here, I have sought to perform a demographic analysis of the data retrieved from Up Our Street’s Wellbeing Research Project.  The core aim of the Wellbeing Research Project was to understand wellbeing, and any measures that can be taken to enhance it, from the perspective of Easton and Lawrence Hill residents. As part of my internship, I am trying to analyse this data further. Hopefully, we will get some insight regarding how different groups within the community experience wellbeing. And, where possible, we might be able to make some suggestions for improvements.

So far, I have really enjoyed working alongside a group of hard working and community-oriented individuals. I look forward to finishing my research and presenting the results. Moreover, I am also eager to learn more about Up Our Street and all the incredible community work that they are doing."

We will publish Michaela's findings later in the autumn and use them to help us develop projects and funding bids for future activity.