Community Space

Post date 7 March 2018

Residents and community groups came out last night to discuss priorities for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding in our neighbourhoods. Some great projects were suggested, with three minute pitches for each idea.

CIL is money paid by companies when they build new houses or other developments in an area. Its purpose is to help deal with the impact of the development. For example more houses means more people, so CIL money might be spent on extending a local school, or providing new pedestrian crossings. It can only be spent on physical infrastructure, and can’t be used to pay ongoing staff costs.

Once all the ideas were pitched, the meeting broke out into a buzz of conversation, with people keen to talk to each other and find out more about the different projects. Finally residents were asked to choose their top four ideas which they felt should go through to the Area Committee.

You can download notes from the meeting, including a full list of projects here:

What happens next?
The Councillors are aware that there were people who weren’t able to attend the meeting. If you weren't able to attend, you can still vote by emailing by 3pm on 14 March. You have four votes, which you can split as you wish. So you can use all your votes for one idea, or share the votes between two or more ideas.

The votes are not binding, but will help your Councillors see which ideas have most community support. The Councillors have to submit their final list of four ideas by 16 March. The Area Committee will meet in April.