Consultation and Research

Up Our Street has 16 years experience of community engagement work in Easton and Lawrence Hill. Growing from the major area-based regeneration programmes of the early 2000s, we have been involved in research and consultation with the local communities on a range of issues. These include education, health, employment, transport, environment, community safety, project design, and service planning.
Up Our Street specialises in delivering consultation events and research programmes that ensure a genuine and representative local voice is heard.
In addition to our Community Engagement Team, Up Our Street has a multi-lingual Community Research Team who have been trained in all aspects of research design, delivery and analysis by the University of Bristol. The members of our team have been drawn from the local community, and as such, also have a deep understanding of the lived experience, and the range of cultural norms that are prevalent in diverse communities. The combination of this with first class academic training means they offer a unique service to anyone seeking robust knowledge and information about the community.
Up Our Street is delighted to now be able to offer this wealth of experience and expertise to other organisations who seek the views and opinions of the community. This can be as part of a consultation about service or product design, gathering information about community wants and needs, gaining community input into policy developments, understanding community opinions and views on a variety of subjects, or as part of a formal academic research programme.


Consultation Events, Workshops and Conferences

Do you need to consult on a certain issue with your service users, your staff, and a specific group of people?

Would you like people’s feedback/input into the development of a business/project plan, or service development?

Do you want instantaneous attendee input during conference?

Up Our Street utilises the Optivote hand-held voting device system to find out exactly what your attendees think about any questions, ideas, or plans you may have. The system provides individual handsets through which people can ‘vote’ or select their preferred options simply by pressing a button. The results are then displayed instantaneously on the big screen for all to see.

Up Our Street offers a complete event management service to take all the stress off you, or we can simply come along to your event and run the Optivote system for you.

Prices for the complete event management service are agreed subject to the size and duration of the event.

Prices for the Optivote system start at £500 for 75 handsets and a technician for a one day/evening event.


Community Research Services

Do you need knowledge, information, and data about the community you work with?

Up Our Street’s highly trained multi-lingual Community Research Team offers services in door to door, or street surveys; pop-up consultations; focus groups; and telephone interviews, all tailored to your information needs.

We also offer a full academic level research package. We will work with you in formulating the overarching research question, designing the research programme, conducting both quantitative and qualitative research, analysing data, and presenting the findings to your audiences. We also specialise in co-designed and co-produced research.

We provide services for undertaking research with specific language communities. Languages covered - Urdu, Punjabi, Somali, West Indian Creole/Patois (Anglophone dialects), and Polish.

Prices for our research services are tailored to each customer and determined after an initial scoping meeting with yourselves.

Download our full brochure here.

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