About us

Up Our Street brings people together to effect change in our neighbourhood. We deliver communications and community development projects to inspire, inform, and motivate people to action.

In 2015 the trustees of Up Our Street agreed a Business Plan for 2015 to 2020, you can download the plan and appendices on this page. Our Articles of Association and Memoradum of Association have also been amended.

Vision Statement

A diverse and independent community of people inspired to create change.

Mission Statement

To inform and inspire a diverse community of people to take an active role in their neighbourhood.

Service Strands

Our services can be grouped into two, interlinked categories. The range of communications services we provide ensure that information, opinions and ideas are freely exchanged between all stakeholders. This knowledge then operates as a stimulus for actions to develop the community according to local people’s aspirations.

Communications – including inspiring, informing, consulting, promoting, campaigning and advocating with and for local people and the area utilizing a range of print, broadcast, web-based, and face-to-face media.

Community development – including brokering, liaising, catalyzing, partnering, and combining people and organisations in developing ideas, co-creating solutions, and delivering actions and projects that realise local people’s ambitions for their community.

Who We Are

Up Our Street is committed to furthering civic participation and releasing the local social capital of the residents of Lawrence Hill and Easton to effect the change they want to see in their world. We believe that it is through this that people can address the issues that they feel negatively affect their communities.

PDF icon Business Plan 2015 - 20 PUBLIC.pdf PDF icon ELH NM Public Response to Evaluation June 2014.pdf PDF icon Executive summary - evaluation 2014.pdf PDF icon Articles of Association 2015.pdf PDF icon Memorandum of Association 2015.pdf PDF icon ELHNM Signed accounts 15-16.pdf